Announcing our 2024 Election Candidates

We are delighted to announce that 31 members have put themselves forward for election to the DFC’s board of directors. 

This is a fantastic response that exceeds even our most hopeful expectations. Standing for election isn’t an easy thing to do, and the fact that so many people are willing to put themselves forward shows just how much energy and commitment (not to mention experience and expertise) we’ve got in this organisation and in our sector more broadly. Regardless of the outcome of the vote, each and every one of the candidates deserves a massive amount of respect for standing up and offering to put their shoulder to the wheel. We salute you!

Please take time to read through each candidate’s statement and prepare your list of preferred candidates, and remember that you must be a full member to vote. The deadline for new members to join the DFC and be eligible to vote is Friday 10th May, so please spread the word about the election across your networks and encourage anyone you know should be a member of the DFC but isn’t yet, to hurry up and join.

Voting will open on Monday 13th May and close three weeks later, on Friday 31st May. We’ll be using an external election management agency and a ranked choice system (often described as Single Transferable Vote in the UK or Ranked Choice Voting in the US). When voting opens, every member of the DFC eligible to vote will be emailed a unique code and link enabling them to cast their ballot. We’ll circulate more details about this before the vote opens in a few weeks. 

For now, let’s celebrate the bravery of all our candidates for putting themselves forward and encourage everyone in the UK who should be voting in this election to participate. This is the first time in UK documentary history that our sector has elected its own representatives. Let’s make sure there’s a turnout we can be proud of. 



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