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Mark Forbes

Director, Editor, Self-shooting P/D

Mark Forbes is a London based, self-taught independent award-winning Scottish filmmaker from Aberdeenshire. He is known for his award-winning documentaries and feature films.

He wrote, directed, produced, edited, co-filmed and co-financed his own indie feature drama, Mother & Wild in which it won numerous awards for Best Indie Feature in 2022.  In 2023 Mark had 5 of his films screened in 86 film festivals.

His 2nd feature documentary, Tristan v Christann won an award for outstanding Achievement at the Swedish International Film Festival in May 2023. While in February 2024, it was the finalist in the Rayana Creators film festival in Aberdeen, Scotland.

In 2024, Mark is currently filming his 3rd feature documentary by himself while looking for work!


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