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French, Italian, Spanish, Urdu, English

Nasheed Qamar Faruqi

Director, Screenwriter

I am a writer, director and spinner of yarns. My first documentary – David Hawkins: A Battle of the Mind – was nominated for AHRC Research Film of the year in 2017. In 2021 I completed Re-Reading Fanon, a Wellcome Trust funded documentary about revolutionary psychiatrist and philosopher, Frantz Fanon.

In my movies, you’ll find: archival footage, critical thought and emotional depth. Hopefully you will also encounter a grain of that truth which I strive for every day.

I have an MFA in filmmaking/directing from Columbia University (New York) and a first degree in English from Oxford. I was  a Clore Fellow in 2015/2016. My first feature was selected for iFeatures 2018/2019 – I continue to work on it (with BBC and BFI support) and to develop new factual projects.

I live in Cambridge. I enjoy the collaborative nature of filmmaking and am on the lookout for new collaborators.


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