Oliver Pratt

Animator, Director, Editor

My Creative career started in 2018 with my first short film released as part of the Channel 4 Random Acts (First Acts) program, Produced with assistance from @Screensouth.
This got me my place with the University for the Creative Arts, in a 3-year Illustration and Animation Undergraduate degree.
My second short was shown at various festivals, BBC Ideas and the 2022 W.H.O Film Festival where it won the Grand Prix in the Health Emergency Category.
I have worked as a Freelancer, working with companies such as Ootiboo, BBC Ideas and Living Words. I have been heavily involved with the Hi3 Network. With the Hi3 Network and ScreenSouth, I have worked on projects in Virtual Production, VR development, AR development and documentary Filmmaking.
I have continued making projects in this way such as my short documentary “John and the Ossuary” which won a short documentary challenge for the Folkestone documentary festival.


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