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English, French

Ornella Mutoni


Ornella Mutoni is a documentary producer and the Pop Culture & Social Change Producer at Counterpoints Arts. She has extensive experience working in prime time broadcast TV and video journalism for award winning production companies such as Lightbox, Hidden Light and Acme TV. She has worked on a range of documentary styles for UK, Australian, Dutch and American broadcasters and is committed to empowering underrepresented communities to tell their stories.

She is in the process of directing her first independent short documentary in Rwanda and develops her body of work through collaboration with the global and intersectional communities she is part of.

She is also a cultural worker, passionate about working at the intersections of social justice, liberation movements and DIY culture with film and music. She previously co-founded Lossless Radio, a community-focused radio station in Melbourne, has produced a podcast series, and has curated exhibition programs.


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